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How Independent Real Estate Brokerages Are Winning The War Against The “Big Boys” [WEBINAR]

Published: October 25, 2019
How Independent Real Estate Brokerages Are Winning The War Against The “Big Boys” [WEBINAR]

Bondilyn Jolly (VP of Marketing, Elevate & Managing Partner, 3sixtyfive.agency), Frank Chimento (VP of Broker Development, Elevate), & Justin Falb (Managing Broker, Oceans Luxury Real Estate) discuss the challenges of independent brokerages and how they are winning the war against the ‘big boys’ in terms of recruiting, retention & remaining profitable in a time of shrinking margins.

This hour-long round table discussion, hosted by REtechnology.com, focuses on Elevate’s comprehensive, end-to-end solution for brokers and the agents they serve, with Justin Falb speaking first-hand to how he’s been able to leverage the products and services of Elevate to recruit and retain agents, as well as manage the day-to-day of his office.

  Runtime: 1 Hour

Key Discussion Topics

Challenge #1: Technology [approx. minute 8:00]
Challenge #2: Agent Core Services [approx. minute 18:50]
Challenge #3: Analytics & Insights [approx. minute 25:50]
Challenge #4: Training & Support [approx. minute 43:00]

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