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5 Quick Conversion Tips For Your New Leads

Published: October 27, 2019
5 Quick Conversion Tips For Your New Leads

You have a steady stream of leads coming in, but they aren't converting at the rate you need, let alone want. So how do you get those new leads to convert into customers? Mike Martella, VP of Broker Sales at Elevate, has 5 quick tips you can take to heart & use right now to convert your leads at the highest level.


1. Speed to contact - You must act with a sense of urgency and respond immediately! The consumer expects an immediate response, however, if you don't provide an immediate response, the consumer will find another agent that does.

2. Build rapport - People buy from people they like! Engage on a personal level, find a way to connect, listen to their needs, and be a resource for them. They have most likely submitted other inquiries but they haven't found the right agent yet. This is your opportunity to win them over.

3. Provide value - Remember, you're the expert, and people prefer to transact with the expertise of a real estate professional! After you have built rapport and listened to their needs, make adjustments to their IDX search and zero in on prospective properties. Be sure to engage them through your personal IDX website to create a gated experience and most importantly, operate with intent and a sense of urgency.

4. Utilize a relationship management system - Having a system to manage the process of follow up and communication is critical. Automate and track the process, utilize data to make decisions, and use a system that can track the consumer's behavior, activity, searches, and favorited properties. Additionally, educate them on the home buying process. Some consumers have previously bought a home while others are buying for the first time, BUT, everyone benefits from having the expertise of a real estate professional like you.

5. Be persistent and continually attempt to connect - More than 50% of all online leads submitted by the consumer never receive a response from an agent, resulting in a poor customer service experience damaging personal agent and brokerage brands. Typically, 7-10 attempts to connect with a consumer are required before receiving a response. Unfortunately many/most agents choose to stop reaching out after only 2 or 3 attempts. Simply put, consumers do respond but not necessarily in the timeline agents prefer. Obsessive and aggressive follow up is critical to lead conversion. The next sale is usually only one more contact attempt away.

Don't let your online leads go to waste, use the tips above to start converting more leads today. Don't forget to schedule a call with one of our Lead Gen Specialists to get even more great tips, tricks, and strategies to convert your leads at the highest level.