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The power of the “Thank You” note: A guide for real estate agents

Published: December 06, 2022
The power of the “Thank You” note: A guide for real estate agents

the power of a thank you note featured image Many real estate agents follow the tradition of giving gifts to their clients to celebrate closing on a home. While there are myriad options for the perfect closing gift, the accompanying “Thank You” notes to buyers are just as important - if not more so.

Whether with a typed or a handwritten note, you want to write a personal message showing you care. Thank them for trusting you with the task of helping them buy their dream home, and remind them you are always there to help them with their real estate needs and future endeavors.

So, how do you write the best possible thank you note? Rather than rely on templates, you can follow some basic guidelines to make sure your note comes from the heart.

Let your clients know you appreciate them

The most important thing to do in a “Thank You” note to buyers is to let them know how much you appreciate them. This can be done by acknowledging the relationship and trust they have put in you, as well as all the time they put into working with you. Also, remember to thank them for their patience and positive attitude - especially if there have been bumps along the way.

You can keep it simple, too. "Thank you for buying your home from me," or "It was great working with you" are examples of phrases showing you care about their real estate transaction even after it's concluded.

Extend an invitation for help

A significant amount of real estate business comes from repeat and referral clients. Therefore, when writing a “Thank You” note, make sure to extend an invitation for help in the future. Invite your clients to refer their friends, coworkers or family members, or offer them a discount on future services.

Some other helpful things to include when you send thank you notes include:

  • Asking for feedback: If you're interested in hearing about how your service was perceived by your client, then ask them what they thought of it. If you work with a large real estate agency, it pays to have feedback about your specific services
  • Asking for Reviews: Whether they show up on Zillow, Yelp or social media, positive reviews can make a tremendous difference in future real estate business.

Remind them of your real estate services

Another thing many real estate agents choose to include in thank you notes is a reminder of services offered. This can be helpful when combined with an invitation for help or for referrals, as it gives the client specific talking points to pass along to others.

As an example, include some information about things like market reports, mortgage refinancing, home remodeling or landscaping. Let them know you can help with buying or managing investment property, or selling their home down the road. Also consider offering to make yourself available for any questions related to their new house - especially if they are first-time buyers.

Finally, tell them how they can reach you. Giving out a personal phone number might seem like enough, but invite them to follow you on social media channels for an even simpler way to get in touch. The power of the “Thank You” note: A guide for real estate agents Infographic Summary Whether you work for a professional real estate firm or are just getting started, “Thank You” notes are an expected courtesy in the real estate industry. Every successful sale represents the possibility for future business, but also a new chapter in your client's life.