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The “Four Pillars” of Brokerage Technology Tools

Published: February 13, 2020
The “Four Pillars” of Brokerage Technology Tools

The "Four Pillars" of Brokerage Technology Tools

by Frank Chimento, VP Brokerage Development, Elevate

It's no secret that real estate brokerage business models are continually evolving, and tech innovation is happening at warped speed. In the fast-paced and highly competitive real estate industry, it can serve as a helpful reminder for brokers to focus on the “four pillars” of brokerage technology tools.

Let's break down the "four pillars" of technology tools for your brokerage:

__1. Drive Revenue__ – With the industry's leading recruiting module, we make it easier than ever to target the agents you want to recruit and build rapport and meaningful relationships faster. With contact record details protected in the agent databases, agent adoption is greater and leads to more engagement with more of their spheres of influence resulting in more business transactions. Additionally, our industry leading lead generation volume and conversion rates catapults new business opportunities leading to increased returns on investment.


2. Increase Capacity – An advanced CRM productivity solution such as Elevate BOSS™ allows agents to stay on track with tasks associated with each stage of the pipeline for buyers, sellers, and renters. Daily coaching emails (morning reports) designed to focus the agent on the highest and best use of their time while reminding them about the customers that need attention now is a sure-fire way to maximize effective selling time and increase production capacity.


3. Save Time – Currently the typical agent manages 10 different and disparate technology vendors. The Elevate platform combines an agent's core services into one solution providing best-in-class IDX websites, CRM, CMA, Email & Text message marketing, document storage, pipeline management, activity coaching, social media marketing and lead generation, plus much more. Time lost is time wasted and agents need to maximize their time on the activities that matter most, driving the behavior that produces the most desired financial outcome.

4. Save Money – The typical brokerage manages more than 15 different vendors incurring costs exponentially higher than what can be available in one, consolidated, simplified solution. By providing IDX websites, Advanced productivity CRMs, Email and Text marketing, Recruiting Module, Document Storage, CMA creation wizard, Blogs, Automated Content, Social Media Marketing, Online Lead Generation, Lead Routing & Lead scrubbing concierge services, there is NO OTHER platform in real estate that combines all of this functionality into one, singular solution. With an unrivaled price point, Elevate BOSS™ saves you money and time while improving production capacity and driving revenue to increase your "company dollar."



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Elevate BOSS™ helps brokerages concentrate on what matters most. Consider your current technology tools, products, & services and compare them to what Elevate BOSS™ provides.

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