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Increase Agent Adoption

The #1 challenge for Team level business systems is the lack of agent adoption. We've solved this challenge by providing Teams with unparalleled access to key performance indicators and activities while protecting the contact record details for the agent's databases. Research shows that agents will more readily use Team tools after they know their contacts, spheres of influence and databases are protected.

Visibility into Key Performance Indicators that drive revenue

Our card-based dashboard helps your Team gather more of the important data you need to analyze so you can make smarter business decisions.

Recruit more of the Agents your Team wants, now

Quickly identify, target and recruit prospects for your Team based on key performance criteria and implement compelling, relationship building marketing campaigns with behavior-based automation.

Did you know there are only two agents in Orlando that have a minimum of 50 transactions YTD with a volume between $1m and $2m? We did!

Lead Routing
Lead aggregation, routing, and tracking has never been easier

Funnel leads from any source and be confident that 100% of your customers will receive text and email responses within five minutes. Team members have instant access to leads for follow up and the entire process is tracked and measured so you can better manage your ROI.

Workflow Coaching
Help your Team model successful behaviors that drive revenue

We've worked with the top agents and brokers across the U.S. to find the best task workflows for closing transactions and retaining Clients For Life. Our system guides your Team through the day-to-day with a zero-queue approach to make sure the seeds are planted to blossom new client relationships.

Save time and money conducting your CMAs

Getting to the right pricing discussion fast is the purpose of a CMA. Our CMA Wizard provides simple steps to create dynamic CMAs that are updated live from the MLS. No need to monitor actives, pendings and solds.

Consolidate all of your marketing collateral in one storage space.

Our asset management library makes it simple and fast to store and share marketing collateral and important documentation with your Team.

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