Pricing and Refund Policy

Elm Street Pricing & Refund Policy

Elevate Pricing

Elm Street Technology and its affiliates (“Elm Street”) sell the Elevate suite of software and lead generation products (“Product or Products”), including Elevate Social Pro, DMS, BOSS, CRM, IDX, Elite, Ignite, Agentjet, and eMerge, on an annual or semi-annual subscription basis depending on the particular Product. Such annual/semi-annual subscriptions for the Products may be paid in a single payment at the time of sale (“Prepaid Subscription”) or by equal monthly installments beginning at the time of sale (“Annual/Semi-Annual Paid Monthly Subscription”). All pricing is based upon Elm Street’s then current price schedule for the Products.

Termination Of Subscription

You understand and agree that Elm Street invests heavily in the initial set-up, maintenance, and ongoing development of the Product you purchase and that you may only cancel in accordance with this termination provision:

  1. 30-Day Refund-- You may cancel your subscription for any Product within thirty (30) days after purchasing your subscription and receive a full refund of any prepaid or monthly payment you have made. This refund excludes any set-up or administrative fees. It also excludes the refund of any third party advertising expenditures in connection with one of our lead generation Products.

  2. Cancellation After 30 Days

a) Prepaid Annual/Semi-Annual Subscription—Because we provide a significant discount for a Prepaid Subscription, you will not be reimbursed for a Prepaid Subscription if cancelled more than thirty (30) days after purchase. If you give us notice of cancellation after 30 days, your Prepaid Subscription will remain in effect until your annual renewal date and will be cancelled for you on that date.

b) Annual/Semi-Annual Paid Monthly Subscription--If you wish to cancel your Annual/Semi-Annual Paid Monthly Subscription more than thirty (30) days after purchase, you may do so upon payment of a cancellation fee equal to three (3) months of the monthly subscription price. Your Annual/Semi-Annual Subscription Paid Monthly will continue until we receive payment of the cancellation fee. You may continue to use your subscription for the three months following payment of the cancellation fee.

  1. Subscription Renewal—Your initial subscription will renew to a month-to-month subscription on your first annual renewal date unless you provide us with written notice to cancel at least thirty (30) days prior to your annual renewal date. After the first year, you may cancel your month-to-month subscription by providing us with written notice at least thirty (30) days prior to your monthly renewal date.

  2. Written Notice--To cancel your subscription, send written notice of cancellation to [email protected]

Authorization to Charge Your Credit Card

You authorize Elm Street and its credit card processor to process your subscription and any renewal on any credit card that is in your Elm Street account and to update or extend the expiration date on any card in your account for purposes of processing the credit card. Buyer agrees to provide Elm Street with a new credit card if the renewal cannot successfully be processed on the credit card on file.

Specific Pricing Policies

Elm Street may have pricing and cancellation policies for specific Products that differ from the general policies herein or may have separate agreements with differing pricing and cancellation policies (“Specific Pricing Policies”). If there is a conflict between Specific Pricing Policies and the terms of this Agreement, the terms of the Specific Pricing Policies shall prevail over the conflicting terms.

Elm Street reserves the right to change pricing and policies relating to any of its Products in its sole discretion.

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