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Real (Estate) Talk: How a Single Mom and New Agent Achieved Success in 6 Months

Published: November 18, 2019
Real (Estate) Talk: How a Single Mom and New Agent Achieved Success in 6 Months

Real (Estate) Talk: How a Single Mom and New Agent Achieved Success in 6 Months

How did you feel when you first started in real estate? If you're anything like Tina Minshall, you probably felt worried—worried about building your pipeline, worried about supporting your family, and worried about navigating the ins and outs of the industry.

As a new real estate agent and a single mom to an autistic son, Tina had those same concerns. But those concerns quickly receded as Tina built a real estate family of mentors and caring clients. In just six months, she has created an impressive book of business and far exceeded the goals she initially set for herself. How did she do it?

In a recent video interview with Bondilyn Jolly of Elevate and, Tina shares the secrets to launching her business and achieving success so quickly. Tune into this interview for an inspiring conversation and some key takeaways.

Here are a few highlights: 1:50 - On creating one big, happy real estate family: "My family is first. However, my clients become family most of the time, which is awesome. And I've managed to integrate my son into some of those families."

2:55 - Tina's secrets to work life balance: "Be you, be human … You just can't pretend your way through it."

4:30 - Tina on the technology that drives her success. "I understand that social media is where it's at, or video is where it's at. None of that is my gig. I like to meet people and sell houses, but I understand that I have to do all of it." She uses the Elevate platform to automate her social media and blog posts on busy days, generate leads, nurture leads, and more.

6:55 - Tina shares how Elevate saves her time, but also lets her personality shine: "Elevate lets me be me when I want to I don't want a stuffy, everyday Realtor's site or image or anything like that. I need me to come out. I have a personality, so people should know that." One of her goals is to change the public's sometimes negative perception of REALTORs.

9:45 - Tina on her #1 piece of advice to other real estate agents: "Be you. Be human."

Watch Tina's full interview for more great advice:

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