Prince Jones, MBA-ISM / Realtor®

I wanted to take a moment and write a letter thanking you and Listingbook for the excellent service you been providing. If you do not mind, I would like to lay the foundation out for any of the Realtors who might be considering using your service.

1. Listingbook multi-layer performance tool that helps you save time and money. They have integrated their web page with our MLS so as you get Listings when people come to your page before they shop for a home or land. Your listing are the first thing that they see which helps keep your sales thriving thus reaching more people because listing book feeds off of the MLS but so does Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. When you apply your lead generation techniques, it brings traffic to your website. Another of my favorite features with Listingbook is that the let you intuitively know what your buyers are looking at by sending you a morning report very early. This report shows who logged in, how many times, and what they were looking at. This tool helps you prove your expertise and provide sound advice. This particularly works well with me because although I hang my license under Berkshire Hathaway, I am incorporated as My-Canvas-Inc. Which is our mantra for canvassing the neighborhood for what our clients want not what we want for them (price point).

2. Additionally, the Elevate platform help me save time and money with many aspects with my social media. Whether we are savvy with computers or not social media is here, and it is growing and Listing book’s platform is perfect for those who are a little computer shy. Social media is huge folks and even if you cannot hit the ground running: Listingbook will help you fake it until you make it.

3. Lastly, Listingbook provides you with a CRM, Website, Social Media help tech support and even though I have my own company website I still use Listingbook. I use them as a Landing page because it has a lead capture platform that means as they start to look around your website you will generate a possible lead just from them looking around. You can generate instant traffic by blasting your inner sphere alone.

Again, I want to thank Listingbook for allowing me to be a beta tester before they launched the program it has increased my contacts and my leads, sales and although some are just looking, I will send them a letter at a later date just to keep my name at the top of the list guys. There are 4000 realtors in my area if you want to make it to the top 5 percent then you have to do the work. There is an old saying that is linked directly to doing the work, and that saying is work smarter not harder. Good luck to all of those whom this might have help and work smarter not harder.