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2020 Goal Setting Self-Evaluation with Matt O’Neill

Published: November 26, 2019
2020 Goal Setting Self-Evaluation with Matt O’Neill

As we set our personal and professional growth goals for the coming year, successful real estate agent Matt O’Neill outlines the 7 elements in his life that he evaluates every year, how he’s constantly striving for self-improvement, and how you - our audience - can get involved with your own self-evaluation.

“A life dedicated to authentic relationships is a life free of regret.” ~ David Osborn

Key Discussion Points:

  • 6:14 Business & Career
  • 6:51 Health & Fitness
  • 7:08 Family, Friendships & Relationships
  • 7:55 Lifestyle & Adventure
  • 8:20 Financial & Investment
  • 8:32 Personal Growth & Intellectual Development
  • 9:02 Practicing Appreciation & Gratitude
  • 10:00 Final “Focusing” Question (Courtesy of Gary Keller

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